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Poetically Speaking CD by Brother Dash

What Is This Blaze? is one of Brother Dash’s most requested spoken word pieces. It appears on Dash’s first album, Poetically Speaking. This track is a scathing critique of pop culture and mainstream media using the metaphor of a fire that destroys human beauty.


Buy The AlbumSpoken Soul, the title track from the album Spoken Soul by Brother Dash is the final track to appear on Dash’s 2nd release. Departing from the previous album Poetically Speaking, Spoken Soul and the title track in particular speaks to a very personal time in Dash’s life and is the most autobiographical of all of his poems. It is also Brother Dash’s only spoken word track to include a music bed.

Poetic JusticeCatatonic Beats, appears on the 3rd Spoken Word album, Poetic Justice, by Brother Dash. The track takes its name from Dash’s association of the masses listening to the calls for war like a drum beat that they just nod their heads to with no sense of what is actually being said. Inspiration for the poem came from the Iraq & Afghanistan wars with relevance to all wars of aggression. Album cover by Brother Dash’s daughter Taqwa Brookins who herself is a gifted artist.


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