I Am Them

I Am Them

by Brother Dash

We assert and we blame
We name and defame
Speak opinions as factual
Possibilities become actual
Dollar bill secrets
Whatever the thought if it’s worse we seek it
We speak in hyperbole
Regurgitate verbally
Rhetorically redundant
Free blogs make us pundits
Neighbor cries we don’t hear her
Everybody’s fault except the mirror
Point fingers and list atrocities
Acting like we never dish out reciprocities
Quick to objectify her and him
Love to play the game of Us versus them
Well…I Am Them.

I’m Tainos singing Bienvenidos
Feliz Cumpleanos Senor Colon
Genocide from the loins of a European Cabron
But we lived and gave birth
To a nation of Boricuas
Gave the city a beat to motivate
It’s Black and Brown Chicos y Chicas
I Am Them

I’m George Washington on the Potomac
I’m George Washington’s slave
I’m Thomas Jefferson’s masterpiece
I’m his chocolate piece that he mastered
I’m Chicano wetbacks
Packin’ gats in knapsacks
Dogs named Freddy
But 21 shots for an Imam with no name
A damn shame
Court selected the elected
Stuck between Barack and a hard place
They believed in change
Now they just complain
Mirrors never like to take blame or be the change
I Am Them

I’m the Black blood that drips from the mouth of history
So they rewrite it.
I’m that strange fruit that sounds like Billie Holiday when you bite it

I’m We Are The World
I’m  Live Aid
I’m Haiti Relief
And that Haiti thief
I am Tuskegee
The airmen AND the experiment
I am George Bush with a Katrina speech impediment
I am the birth of Hip-Hop
I am the Black man’s rage
Reparations get no mention
Because I wrote the human rights exemption
I am the Chuck D to your Griff
I am the man three fifths
I am the spark that lit your spliff
(shwuuuuuup) I Am Them

I broke the wall of Buchenwald
While most of y’all never took their calls
I point out Saudi hypocrites
They preach ‘the haqq’ with alcohol flavored spit
I am love
I am lust
I am the betrayer of Choctaw, Cherokee
Sioux, Seneca, Navajo, Iroqouis, Yemasee, Carnarsie, Piscataway
Chesepaeke, Pueblo Indian trust!
I Am Them

I am freedom corrupted
I am girl interrupted
I am the farmer that fought your crown
I am the black fist of John Brown
I am the 501 Blues on your do nothing behind
I am the pop culture you allow in your mind
Call Me America
Me Make love to you long time
I Am Them

I’m Tupac’s Keep Ya’ Head Up
When your soul is feeling down
And I’m Tupac screamin’ Thug Life
Where my hoes? I Get Around
I’m the heart of Denmark Vesey
I sold out Nat Turner for six pence
I’m the Pro that ran Counter to your INTELLIGENCE
I’m Medgar and Zora
Rachel Corrie and Malcolm
Howard Z. Norm Chomsky
I am the world’s greatest multi-symphony
I am Them
I am Them
I am Them

Now welcome to US!
You may stream this poem for free and download here

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