Just A Test

Just A Test

by Brother Dash

The razzle dazzle of big city night life, Miller High Life, got you blind to the realities
of the true to life street life. Champagne wishes and Caviar dreams are the beams
connected to the foundations of various nations, Haitians be the carriers of Green Monkey viruses?, clouds in Mankind’s Irises, but that’s to be expected in the land of resurrected Osirises, Boulevard gods  Peachfuzz squads, make you be on your guard even the righteous be at odds. Advocates for Satanic Whispers, sisters that love to bicker, will get you there quicker while the bugger flickers standin’ in the alleyways hidden from the moonlight street lamps, their mental clamps on contenders and champs, and those that get Amped, scan the UPC forehead stamps, persistent so they walk the dry streets…DAMP!!

Throw your Booyaka’s in the sky, watch the skate boards fly, Bastard Daddies say
Bye-Bye and the world keeps on spinnin’ as all this sinnin’ got him grinnin’ as he brags about everybody that he done been in, Blend In the sounds of thoracic thrusts, unripe fruits that bust, with screaming tears, dreaming their, gleaming fears appear like shattered sunshine raining from dark skies fall and slice like twice on blood soaked faces but the pain of children’s rain barely stains Insane Brains in chains while necks crane to see pubic manes and little remains for those not in the fast lane, they’re on the other side of the window pane, lickin’ dead bugs and dirt granules from the ledge, Are they the ones who are living on the edge? There must be a wedge or a veil on the hearts, On the Hearts torn aparts, When they speak they just fart call it aroma, call it a stench, This woman Free!!!, I see a wench, Girly mags, Hags with bags, no more playin’ Freeze Tag, Rudy orders the gag, why do weather men brag? Why does he leave when they sag?
Why is Philistine such a nag? Do you really donate your clothing or do you simply throw away your rags?

When the Sun rises from the West, When the mother suckles her daughter’s breast,
when children become pests, when the Earth coughs up phlegm from her chest, When nuclear families have empty nests, When housewives are seen as something less, When 12 year olds get buddha blessed, When Stars and Stripes become personal crests, When so-called scientist puff up him chest, When the tongue whips your brother’s back without a rest, When neighbors go hungry and enemies become guests, When leaders of believers sell souls for Kaffir quests, When this poem won’t end even at your behest, When Color and Birth determines who’s best, When lies become meals that we chew and injest, Then with crystal clarity you’ll see the reality that this whole world was just…a test.

©Dasham K. Brookins (Brother Dash)

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