Masjid Marauders

Masjid Marauders
by Brother Dash

Barreling like boulders through young gardens they trample
With bad breadth and I don’t mean the odor
They are the masjid marauders
In blue jeans and kufees
Baseball caps and man dresses
Green passports and a bad attitude that can only be described as arrogant
They pluck thorns with bulldozers
Fight fires with…More fire
Suck nectar and spit blood
They are the masjid marauders

They leave dirty footprints on the carpet
The color of jaundice with a foreign funk
It must be the wet paint off America’s streets of gold
And too many episodes of Al-Baywatch
Do they remind you of Columbus and his discovery of the red heathens?
Fortune seekers turned fortune tellers
They are the masjid marauders

While they sipped tea and smoked hookah
Southern trees were bearing strange fruit
In 2 K they rode the White elephant
Didn’t Jesse tell them to stay out of the Bushes?
And when black rain poured over Baghdad
And a baby sister I never met cried the collateral blues
Only then did they search their garbage for our poetry of warning
The house of prayer? A social club
For men who share a foreign tongue
Unruly kids spit disrespect and I do mean literal
This place was built on blood and sweat
And hopes and tears
And dreams deferred
The first house was build on the dirt of slaves
Not on the fringes of outer whitelandia
We beat our words on their inner ear duffs
But they turned away ‘cause “music is haram”
Islam like a bomb, napalm for native dwellers
‘Sisters go pray in a cellar’
They are the masjid marauders

Like the Feds they give you a new identity, a foreign look
And definitely a new name
But those fruits and veggies are out of season
And your body is craving local produce
Organically Grown
Are they rotten? Naturally poisoned?
Prob’ly not
But they’ll still give you indigestion
Either from the candidate or from surrogates with issues
They are the masjid marauders

We’re not monkeys with tin cups that sing and dance for alien agendas
We deconstruct
Then we self-construct
With a contextualized prophetic state of mind
See they barrel like boulders
Through young gardens they trample
With bad breadth
And I don’t mean the odor

They are the masjid marauders

4 thoughts on “Masjid Marauders

  1. Woah, a lesson learnt. New words added to mental dictionary: Marauder, those who roam to attack – we all know a few of them, and ‘Whitelandia’ ? lol. A state of mind… whitelandia.

    It’s sadly a true depiction, never heard the masjid state put so forcefully. One wonders if the British masjid committees will fathom the obvious rhetoric and message in this poem. They are predominantly Asian/African in some communities and refuse to pause, listen and open up dialogue. Anything that criticises them is sent to flames. Tut, tut, tut tut.

    The most thought provoking lines are: “And your body is craving local produce” > humbling, that word ‘organic’ has a completely different but identical meaning, and
    “We deconstruct | Then we self-construct | With a contextualized prophetic state of mind”
    Wxactly what a transformation requires. Islam and productivity reforms. The Prophet reformed.

    Now then, who do I forward my complaints to regarding the sniggers from that group of men and the greasy-1-window-prayer-dungeon-with-bugs I was sent to for salah…?

  2. It is really difficult to pinpoint and pick one of your great poems as my favourite, Brother, because all your poems that I read are superb and I look into them for inspiration; I look into them as I look at my face in the mirror – THANK YOU!!! ;-)))) Jazakum Allaahu khayran wa baraka Allaahu fii kum, wa shukran! ;-))))) Salaam ‘alaykum, Brother! 😉
    * Your sister in deen and poetry;-) *

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