by Brother Dash from the album Poetically Speaking

The cloak enveloped the breeze on a day made sunny by her complexion
A radiant kind of energy or perhaps synergy of mood and disposition

She possessed me
Enveloped me
Cradled me like an orphan babe
And then she caught my glance

Now I don’t know why I was afraid to say that it was her essence that gave her such a presence
That sparked such a desire
Not of flesh But of spirit

That longing for love
She reminded me of He
That blew life into She
That gave birth to the We
That soothes our troubled cries and I tried to avoid the eyes

But those eyes pierced the walls of my soul
She grabbed and immobilized me
Gently choked my jugular and peered deeply

“Oh my is that the universe I see in the iris of her soul?”

You see it was her essence that gave her such a presence

That reminded me of love
It was the flow of her gait
It was the way that she walked
It was the way that she talked
Even though her lips never parted

She was purifying water

And I so wanted to pray
Prostrate to her God
That created
That stated
Paradise was at her feet

I was captive to her beauty
And I don’t mean she was pretty
Convinced of my own conviction
She challenged my very existence
And my ego ran for cover

Was it the Sun that warmed the wind that kissed my cheeks?
Or was it the breadth of her aura
A majestic, feminine kind of Je ne sais quoi

My soul quaked
My heart ached
Language is an inadequate conveyor
She never said a word
Her existence spoke volumes
And in this moment demanded a reply
I was bursting to ask the question
Struggling, bumbling, fumbling for the appropriate time
Hyperventalaic starts and stops to the question
Fear and anticipation gripping my emotion and my right index finger
And in the midst of this comical spasm
This flotsam, jetsam to and fro
She must have heard the words beg from my soul

And with the softness of a whisper and an almost sweet serenade

She said to me simply…Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

“I’m just a Muslimah”

©2003 Brother Dash
Creative Commons License
Muslimah by Brother Dash is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
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