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  1. “Sexual Healing”

    The Donor masterfully intertwines sexuality and identity with personal conviction. It is a must read for anyone who has felt shackled by the hauntings of their past. Brother Dash clearly gives a sensual voice to a generation that craves resolution and redemption.
    -Dr. Geri Bauer

  2. I must start by saying, May God continue to bless you and give you the inspiration to do many more books. I truly love and enjoy reading your book The Donor. Brother Dash I cannot wait for the next one, I am very in love with this book and you know I love everything about this book. I will ask you to hurry up with #2 and please give me the chance to get mine right away, I am ready to pay you now for mine. God bless you and your family my brother.

  3. I just finished reading The Donor, and it was a great read. The characters and their personalities felt like real people that I could relate to, and not just fictional characters. The author does know how to paint a picture with words, and I felt like I was present in a lot of the scenes. Great story line, I loved the twists and surprises, especially in the second half of the book, and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. Loved it.

  4. March 5, 2016. Chapter one was delicious. It had my attention from the beginning to the end. Looking forward to reading the next chapter and purchasing the book. Very proud of you Brother Dash.

  5. It was quite fun to read. I liked the juxtaposition of what he does during the night, with his job during the day. When he was caught,I felt it was to soon for a complication to enter the story. However, I did like the fact that I could see a character irresistible to his inner thoughts. That was good.

  6. The chapter is very well written. Our first exposure to Chase tells a lot about him. Yeah sure, the physical stuff. But more interestingly, his character. That he would not take offense when being blatantly objectified, that he would speak respectfully with someone many people wouldn’t even notice or at best dismiss, that he would (seemingly unknowingly) make himself vulnerable through introduction, that he would give pause to contemplate her words and use the lesson he learned to teach his students – it is all very telling. To me it speaks very strongly of a certain naiveté. Perhaps he was sheltered from certain aspects of the world while being raised by a very strong female. His character implies a solid moral foundation in childhood. You want to like him, but you also feel a bit sad knowing that showing a face like that to this world is asking for a rude awakening. He will most certainly be taken advantage of.

    And then you find out he is a professor. And you assume he had a privileged track into that role. His teaching methods are compelling, provoking. A certain level of respect is now commanded. He appears knowledgeable, perceptive, distinguished. But that image quickly fades. He retreats back to his childish nature almost immediately. His mannerisms with his students is quickly handed back down to him. His will is subjected to that of a strong female character, twice. On surface level, sure, the first encounter is [COMMENT REDACTED-SPOILER] but the nature in which it unfolds speaks volumes. That is emphasized in his interactions with [COMMENT REDACTED-SPOILER].
    So yes, it was certainly an intriguing piece. The juxtaposition of [COMMENT REDACTED-SPOILER] makes one wonder how his affairs will play out. The first episode was heavy with foreshadowing: objectification, interactions with the other wordly, physical exertion, vulnerability, poor decision-making, passivity thinly veiled as respect, etc. Curious how his persona will develop throughout the novel.

  7. I love the rhythm of this story – it begs to be read out loud so that you can appreciate the sensuality of the words and beat on the tongue. I’m looking forward to more!

  8. Wow. That was hot! I can’t wait to read more. Chase seems like that professor I would have loved to have back in college: Engaging and good looking.

  9. I am loving the imagery. Your words vividly paint each moment, sight and sound. I am definitely drawn into the characters, I am looking forward to reading more about Chase and Ms. Dixon’s rendezvous!


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