Sweet Mojo


Sweet Mojo Brother DashSweet Mojo: One Man’s Descent Through
Danger & Delight

Book One of The Mojo Series.

He’s a thrill seeking soul singer who makes women swoon as he croons. A voice that melts butter. A heart of pure gold. And if you’re feeling salty he’ll put that mojo on you so sweet. He’s thrust into a world that’s both savage and sexy. Where love comes with a catch. And luscious lust comes with catastrophic consequences. While he thinks he has friends, his destiny uncovers enemies. And then there are those frenemies. We all know some frenemies don’t we? Everything ain’t what it seems. So he will twist and turn through hidden agendas, scandals and lies. His journey begins when his tour bus breaks down in a steamy town that’s not on any map. While there he comes face-to-face with an enemy that plots his death as she feeds his appetites. A village of vixens where folklore is real and warnings are not suggestions. The blood stained welcome sign on the oak tree says: Do Not Enter. Why don’t men ever listen?

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