Sweet Mojo


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Sweet Mojo: One Man’s Descent Through
Danger & Delight

Book One of The Mojo Series.

A Harlem heartthrob croons his way into a steamy village of vixens. But all hell breaks loose when they discover the song he sings, hides the poison he brings.

Kai Keyes is a silky soul singer with buttery vocals, a sculpted physique and a bewitching charm. He puts a smile on your face, a laugh in your belly and makes you tingle all over with a sweet, magnetic kind of mojo. Unfortunately, this makes him the perfect trojan horse for a villain with a vendetta.

While on tour Kai encounters a sultry southern town that’s not on any map. The town has one glaring oddity however. It’s populated only by women. Kai happily rolls with that. The irresistible crooner serenades hearts and romances bodies. But a devilish deception lurks behind the scenes. A grudge holding mastermind has a score to settle with the conniving woman that controls the commune. A woman that torched his life in a ball of flames…literally. He will use Kai as his ticket to vengeance. But this is no ordinary town and she is no ordinary woman. Shrouded in a veil of mystery, she can whisper to a palmful of powder…scratch your name on a burning candle…and eliminate you with a hush. And she doesn’t believe Kai popped up by chance.

Can Kai clip the strings of the shadowy puppet master? Will the magical matriarch be exposed for her own lies? Will love get plucked from his charismatic clutch? And what is the even bigger conspiracy snaking its tentacles around the steamy sanctuary? The answers begin here with Sweet Mojo, book one of The Mojo Series. A yummy ice cream cone that drips with promiscuous passion, hypnotic love, superstitious suspense and a chocolate drop of the paranormal. What happens when a handsome hottie electrifies a village of vixens with some sweet mojo? Lick the cone to find out. You won’t be able to put it down.

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