The Most Beautifullest

The Most Beautifullest

by Brother Dash

If my tongue spits knowledge it was born in the belly of a womb
Of a soul that was kissed by an angel of God
She held humanity deep in the bosom of love and whispered softly…
I’m yours
No creature can possess the capacity
Veracity for mercy mercy
It’s the wisdom of He
Encapsulated by she
Epitomized by We
Now me
Must testify
In words that became subliminal
It’s criminal we no longer see
The us in her
We trust in her
When there’s just us and her
“but you’s a big man now”

She speaks to you…in words that have no speech
She kissed the tiny hands that reached
For sustenance…not just in milky nutrition
She listens…dreams feel real
When wrapped in arms that don’t demand reciprocity
Loves with such velocity
Born in an ocean of names
99 all speak to the same
Never asked for wealth no care for fame
You ain’t above the one from whom you came
Shame on ya’! Ol’ Dirty whispuhs
Got you disrespectin’ yo sistuhs
Sister, Sister please don’t you whisper
Yell your pain, And Scream your name
And Don’t be shy, And Don’t be tame
Don’t request, You just Demand
Grab that book say “I COMMAND THEE!”
In the name of He that made the she and he become the we
The me that speaks to thee wants you to see
That she was there right from the start
She was the quilt that warmed your heart
She was the book
Her voice the words
And as you slept your dreams she heard
You used to crawl
And now you walk
Your lips confused
And now they talk
Who helped you up?
Who fed your hope?
Who kissed your eyes?
Who helped you cope?
Oh Sister, Sister sing this song
Scream this song
Bring this song
Your majesticness exists on the epidermis of bliss and it sounds like this…

The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World is a Mama, Daughter, Wifey, Sister!
The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World is a Mama, Daughter, Wifey, Sister!
The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World is a Mama, Daughter, Wifey, Sister!
The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World is a Mama, Daughter, Wifey, Sister!

©Dasham K. Brookins (Brother Dash)

2 thoughts on “The Most Beautifullest

  1. Yaa Allaah!!!!;-)))) Nothing better that I have ever heard in my life, nothing better addresses the issue…! God bless you, Bro!!!!;-))))) ‘You ain’t above the one from whom you came’…! Yes. That’s true. Man is not better or man is not more than a woman who gives birth to a man. I always try to explain this point to all those who don’t understand but they seem to hate this fact…;(- How can a man hate women if there would be no man without women? God has decreed that there is a need of both man and woman for a new human being to come into existance after He created Adam from clay… The only exception after that was the birth of prophet Issa, alayhi assalaam, who was born without a father – but hey, he had mother! es, without a woman there would be no humans at all, because by Allah’s will this is a woman who bears the pain and the trouble of giving birth to those men who grow and then dare to say that they have any superiority over females because they are stronger? Or because they have to support women financially? Or because they have to protect women? Is that why they claim they have right to enslave their women and be the kings? Did they forget that even the Prophet was much more humble and that the male pride is something strange in Islam since it has been revealed…?;*

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