The Donor

The Donor

When Conception Meets Deception

by Brother Dash

To keep his secret past from destroying his perfect lie, the man who “has it all” will be blackmailed into repaying a debt. But not with money…with his body. He is, The Donor: When Conception Meets Deception.” Available in Paperback and eBook

The Donor

The Donor

Chase Archibald is ranked #1 in Brooklyn Professional Magazine’s, Smartest & Sexiest Thirty Under 30. A six foot three inch, tender and delicious lover with a voice that melts butter, and a heart that heals hurt. His rip-rock, beefy body is as well-chiseled as his reputation. Chase is a fast rising, star professor at Brooklyn University. He mentors at-risk youth. He gets five star ratings from his college students. He’s intensely loyal to his gorgeous and talented, attorney girlfriend. He may even pop the question. To put it short? Women want to be WITH him, and Men wish they could BE him. Chase is the perfect guy. So what’s the problem? It’s all a lie. A lie that is built on a secret past. And the past comes knocking at his door with a demand that he repay a debt…but not with money…with his body. Chase must agree to become a sperm donor. But not the anonymous kind. He must actually sleep with several women who are willing to pay for his services. If he refuses? The truth of Chase’s past will be revealed. Everything and everyone he holds dear will be destroyed. He will lose the woman he loves, the career he has built, and the orphan boy that looks up to him as a father. Is it better to live in a beautiful lie than to die in an ugly truth? Chase is about to find out. Available in Paperback & eBook. Use links above for iBooks, Nook, Google Play and Kobo. 

Genres: Drama, Romance, Sensuality, Suspense

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6 thoughts on “The Donor

  1. I just finished reading The Donor, and it was a great read. The characters and their personalities felt like real people that I could relate to, and not just fictional characters. The author does know how to paint a picture with words, and I felt like I was present in a lot of the scenes. Great story line, I loved the twists and surprises, especially in the second half of the book, and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. Loved it.

  2. Definitely had me intrigued & engaged after reading the intro. Definitely has best seller potential! Can’t wait for the finished product.

  3. Love love love this chapter definitely had me imagining what is to come. Can’t wait to finally have a copy in my hand so I can continue this sensual and intriguing novel 😍

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