The Donor

The Donor

When Conception Meets Deception

by Brother Dash

“Would you let yourself die in an ugly truth? Or would you pay the price to live in a delicious lie?”

Gripping! 5 Stars “It’s a cliché to say this, but I was simply hooked the moment I began reading this book. Dash’s first literary offering is a well-crafted read, full of interesting and nuanced characters I could easily relate to and longed to see more of. The plots, twists and turns had me eager to discover what was going to happen next….” -Amazon Customer Review

Thoroughly Enjoyed the Read! 5 Stars “Written with such detail I was able to picture the setting and visualize the characters.” -Amazon Customer Review

All The Ingredients for a Movie! 4 Stars “Excitement, humor, intrigue, mystery, romance, and suspense. Even social issues, such as homelessness, gun violence, child welfare, and prisoner reentry find their way into the cleverly woven narrative. The writing style reminds me of the late E. Lynn Harris, and one of my friends, a retired theater and communications professor, agrees.” -Amazon Customer Review

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To keep his secret past, from destroying his perfect lie, the man who has it all will be blackmailed into repaying a debt. But not with money…with his body. He is The Donor: When Conception Meets Deception.

When Professor Chase Archibald walks in your direction, you bite your bottom lip. Hard. Chase is a hunky, handsome serving of hot mocha. His powerhouse arms protect your body. His intellect stimulates your mind. And he’s a luscious and loyal lover that will ignite your soul.  Chase is the man women want. And the man men want to be. The perfect guy. So what’s the problem? It’s all a lie. A lie built on a shameful secret. His world will twist and turn when an old threat comes knocking on his door. With a dirty demand. If Chase refuses to comply? The blackmailer will spill the tea on his scandalous past. Rob him of the woman he loves. Destroy the bond he has with a poor orphan child. And torch his skyrocketing career in smoke. Would you let yourself die in an ugly truth? Or would you pay the price to live in a delicious lie?

Genres: Drama, Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Romantic Suspense, african-american fiction, african-american romance books, urban fiction, urban romance

6 thoughts on “The Donor

  1. I just finished reading The Donor, and it was a great read. The characters and their personalities felt like real people that I could relate to, and not just fictional characters. The author does know how to paint a picture with words, and I felt like I was present in a lot of the scenes. Great story line, I loved the twists and surprises, especially in the second half of the book, and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. Loved it.

  2. Definitely had me intrigued & engaged after reading the intro. Definitely has best seller potential! Can’t wait for the finished product.

  3. Love love love this chapter definitely had me imagining what is to come. Can’t wait to finally have a copy in my hand so I can continue this sensual and intriguing novel 😍

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