The Pain of Unrequited Love

The Pain of Unrequited Love

By Brother Dash

It’s the tears that won’t fall
The tears that reside not in the troughs of ocular divides
but in the heart of a soul writhing in the pain of an undesired “this is what it is”.
When did YOU become merely them?
When do you cease to be special?
When did you get relegated to the appointment book or the occasional email?
Why does the utterance of your name cut and burn like a saline knife on exposed flesh?
You used to be baby, sweetheart or some other euphemism that you only now miss for it is no longer spoken.
How it hurts to be the “other.”
The pain of unrequited love is a heart wrenched…torn asunder by blunder and exasperation…
Is that the recompense for not asking God?

The pain of unrequited love is in the screams and cries of a soul
not in the dark cave behind closed lips
Not even in the cavern that takes one to places darker still.
And the tongue cannot articulate that which has no linguistic interpretation
How do you articulate the language of a crying soul?
The soul does not speak in verbs and nouns
it FEELS. it GRIPS. it TEARS at flesh that bleeds a silent stream of hurt and neglect
The soul reaches for wishes but only finds tortured realities

And the pain of unrequited love is in a soul that foolishly searches for a glass of hope…only to be served bottles of reality.

©2011 Brother Dash

(The Pain of Unrequited Love does not appear on any album)

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